The Story of Us..

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Everyone always asks how did we meet, who may have introduced us, or when did we bump into each other? Well, to tell the
truth, we met the old fashioned way; through church. No seriously, we actually met online. On no less.

Since Jay had just moved to Los Angeles from San Diego and his luck with the online dating scene down there pretty much ran out, he decided to take one last try at meeting the girl of his dreams. Norma on the other hand, had just been introduced into the online dating trend. This obviously beckons that these two hopeless romantics were preordained to meet. So Jay wrote Norma an opening email that was destined to easily grab her attention; filled with witty remarks, flattering comments, and a shower of compliments (it was a form letter, he must have sent a few hundred of those out).

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Not two weeks into the new town, Jay receives a reply to his shotgun email to half of the female population of Los Angeles county and lo-and-behold Norma answers with her version an acceptance email, thanking him for such kind words and glowing remarks (it was a standard response). The two decide to meet for a non-committal, safe lunch at Rock Bottom’s in Long Beach.

Jay was fastidiously early and waited for the fashionably late Norma to arrive. He waited… and waited… and waited. Until 20 minutes later and almost ready to leave, Norma finally makes her grand entrance. Of course in her reverse psychological-way, she decides not to expense with any of the traditional lady-like virtues; small things like MAKE-UP and
doing her HAIR. She figures that if a man wants her, he will have to want her for her true self, warts and all. Little did she know that Jay reversed-reversed-psychologied her and decided not to press his pants, wear matching socks, and as well comb his hair. Not incidentally, this was a match made in heaven.

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How did the actual date go, you ask? Pretty well, they talked and bantered about for a good 2 hours. None of the first date awkward silences were two people stare at each other agonizing over what to say next. As a matter of fact, the date went so well that they almost made plans to continue the date onto the night and head over for dinner together. I say almost since right about the time when Norma was going to say what a great idea that was, she remembered that she had double-booked the date with Jay and had another guy waiting in the wings for dinner! How many dates did she go on that day?? Who knows? There may have been a breakfast and a brunch date snuck in within the same date, but she will never tell. This is of course a point of contention still to this day, but all in all Jay ended up winning the Norma “Survivor” challenge and thanks his persistence, has been made the happiest man on earth.

We would not have it any other way…