And it seems we aren’t the only ones lately.  Part-time and full-time RVers on YouTube have exploded everywhere and with RV sales at record highs, it attests to the popularity and resurgence of the pastime.

So with that inspiration, that is as good a kick to jumpstart the website and get back to blogging, documenting our new experiences in enjoying the RV lifestyle.  We are starting a new era in our lives with the intention to maintain the tight-nit nature of our family and expand our children’s awareness of this great country of ours.

All the while, as a way to pay it forward for all the RV vloggers and DIY’rs out there that help us make a good informed buying decision, I plan on documenting our experiences and DIY work here on the blog.

But back to the RV itself. Why did we buy one? What did we get? What do you plan on doing with it? That’s both an easy and hard set of questions to answer but we did have a few guideposts:

  • Plenty of sleeping options for a family of 4 with support for temporary guests (nieces and nephews)
  • Somewhat easy to maintain (within reason)
  • Great floor plan with quality finishes/materials
  • No mega bus-type RVs – something that can reasonably fit in national parks/campgrounds
  • Technology options galore!

All the advice we read pointed us that when buying your 1st RV, purchase your 3rd one which makes lots of sense due to the myriad of options out there. But with those requirements, we decided on a new coach and the Tiffin brand. Specifically the Tiffin Allegro Open Road 31SA.

The main reasons where: a) Tiffin reputation and quality workmanship. b) Floorplan, floorplan, floorplan c) Features and upgrade options extremely attractive.

The biggest question we’ve gotten so far is, why not Diesel? We wanted to stay small in form factor (less than 33feet) and Class A options there are limited, fuel economy is comparable between the two, and the price premium for Diesels compared to Class A gas just weren’t that attractive for us.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the model we liked in the color/floorplan/options combination in any of the local dealers in NY/NJ/PA. Custom building the coach was an option but with RV sales being what they are, build times are 3-4 months out. But as fortune would have it, we found the exact model with every tick mark we had listed at an RV dealer in Houston, TX.  We learned that this is actually commonplace to purchase an RV out-of-state. So we’re going to use this as our opportunity christen our RV on a maiden voyage through the South/Southeast/Northeast as a summer vacation!

So the journey starts soon. We’re leaving here within a week’s time to start our RV experience. We couldn’t be more excited and anxious. As we get familiar, I’ll post more pictures of the RV as well as our extensive plans to modify the coach to our family’s needs. See you on the road!