Another “should’ve come from the factory” mod. This one fixes the issue of not having very good viewing sight lines for the TV in the living room. Sitting at the dinette or captains chairs to watch the main living room tv is difficult since, from the factory, Tiffin puts the TV on a fixed mount vs an articulating mount so you can adjust it to your liking.

The dilema is in finding a mount shallow enough and with a locking mechanism that support RV’rs unique needs. Once we found a TV mount we thought met those needs – the install was relatively simple but it is a two-person job due to the size of the TV.




  1. MorRyde Exteding Swivel Mount  (rated for 50lbs)- $89


  • Drill
  • Screwdriver / Impact Screwdriver
  • Level (one comes with TV mount)


  • Remove the TV from wall by unscrewing the fix mount from behind the top and bottom of the TV
  • Measure the distance to the horizontal and vertical center of the wall where you want to mount the TV
  • Take careful notice that the TV mount is offset from its base a few inches to the left. Compensate for this difference when screwing the mount to the wall for that same distance off-center.
  • Double-triple check your level and centering prior to drilling holes for your TV mount.
  • The mount can be installed inverted if you prefer the locking mechanism on top vs towards the bottom as you see here.
  • Next, using a helper, mount the TV to the bracket using the provided mounting screws that came with the kit (do not reuse the previous mount screws)
  • Finally, sit back and admire your work while watch TV at any angle in the RV


While this mod is not complicated to do, it requires two people and you should take your time to make sure you measure and then measure again so that your TV is level and centered. You only really get one try once you start drilling.

Two small issues you should know – the refrigerator bump stop below the left side of the TV ( near fireplace) needs to be accounted for when centering your TV to ensure it doesn’t interfere.  Secondly, when you swivel the TV towards the main cabin the bathroom door can not open as wide as previously before.  We swivel the TV enough for a better viewing angle, but no so much you cant walk by and get to the bathroom.

If you have a checklist for breaking camp – you have to add one more item now (lock TV swivel), as you don’t want to drive with the TV out of it’s fixed position. Otherwise – another simple and functional mod.


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