As we made our way from Texas to New Jersey on the Tiffinator’s maiden voyage we stopped in Atlanta to visit old friends who happen to live but 10 minutes from Safe-T-Plus headquarters in Austell, GA.  So we took advantage of the coincidence to have their highly touted steering stabilizer installed.  Brian and his team were fabulous and the install took less than 20 minutes total and an hour from beginning to end which include the test drive to adjust for dead center.

Some of the key reasons why we dove right in to this mod right from the start:

  • Protection against front-tire blowout
  • Return to center while driving lowering driver fatigue
  • Confidence when driving against grooved-roads, uneven pavement, etc.
  • Remove the “slop” in the steering

For our 2017 F-53 chassis with 22.5 inch wheels, the Safe-T-Plus team recommended the 41-180 model with associated F-53K2.5 mounting kit.  If you are unsure what model and mounting kit you need for your motorhome chassis, the link here has a product matrix that can help determine the right model.

We pulled the motorhome into the main bay and the tech’s went to work quickly on the install.  This is definitely a DIY type job for those of you interested installing yourself but it was good for us to take advantage of the team who do tons of installs a month.  At the last Tiffin rally in West Virginia, the team installed 40+ steering stabilizers in 3 days.  That’s a testament to the customer satisfaction and word of mouth.









For those of you looking to DIY – there are a few Youtube videos that show the simplicity of the is install:

After the install, we took out the motorhome for a test drive near both at the nearby industrial park as well as the highway. Stopping 3 separate times to adjust the dead-center on the steering wheel.  The road test essentially consisting of getting up to speed, lining up the coach in a straight line as you come to a dead stop, then going underneath to adjust the shock.  While this may be tough for a single DIY’er to do, but having help with someone holding the steering wheel in place while you make adjustments makes for quick work.  The last part of the Youtube install video shows how to properly center the coach.


Without a doubt, the Safe-T-Plus Steering Stabilizer is a 5+++ modification.  It immediately tightened up the steering wheel play that came from the factory.  After the first set of dead-center adjustments made by the tech team, the motorhome now tracks in a straight line in comparison to the rightward drift from when we first picked the coach up.

So what was a two handed operation of full-on and constant micro adjustments while driving, easily turned into a more “SUV”-like drive with a one-hand operation keeping the coach centered on the travel lane.

I can’t recommend enough the product and team at Safe-T-Plus. They were highly professional and engaging throughout.  If you’ve yet to install this modification or still are hesitant on its improvement – check the customer reviews on online and you can’t go wrong jumping right in.