Making it easier to see what the weather/temperature was in and outside the RV proved a bit tricky, so we aimed to solve it by installing a 4 sensor Weather/Temp monitor to make it easier.  Surprisingly to some, the temps between the front of a coach (with lots of windows) and the back of the coach can vary greatly. Plus, having the weather report easily available for us to see made it super convenient vs looking up the laptop or phone every other time.

Now, there a lot, I mean a lot, of temp sensors, monitors and weather displays available on the internet but a few reasons led us to the Acurite:

  • Multiple sensor support with good battery life
  • Color display with Weather/Humidity (acts as a nigh-light as well for the kids)
  • Remote monitoring (ability to check temp of coach over the internet)
  • Ability to see temps all at once versus cycling thru display pages

One – caveat is that in order for the remote temp monitoring, you need to have a active internet connection in your coach all the time. This may not be possible if your connection to the internet is your phone or mobile hotspot that isn’t permanently installed.



  1. Acurite 01039M 3-Sensor Temp Monitor – $140


  • Screwdriver (for the base station). Gorilla tape works just as well.
  • Locations I used to the 3 additional sensors:
    • The open basement bay where the propane tank is for outside reading.
    • The utility bay near the door (for future battery compartment when I do Solar)
    • Underneath the countertop (directly below the TV cabinet)  in the bedroom for the rear of the coach.


The trend continues with easy and functional DIY modifications. Instead of having to guess what the weather is like outside or inside for that matter – this makes it so much easier.

Only caveat is that the “Indoor” location temperature measurement is done from the base station and one of the coach’s AC vent is above it and can throw the temp reading off if it is point in that direction.

Otherwise, rock solid and wife-factor level 8 on this one.


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