After getting our DirecTV Trav’Ler dish installed and set up for multi-tv use, the AV “closet” in the Allegro 31SA was a spider’s web HDMI switches, power supplies and cables. This has led to previous complaints of failed HDMI switches due to overheating. Additionally, due to the limited HDMI port availability and space constraints on the coach TVs, it is difficult to add the kid’s gaming console for them to enjoy while driving or parked.

With that I had two objectives for this mod:

  1. Improve the airflow within the small space to reduce heat further
  2. Add ability to easily plug in gaming consoles to play on any TV within the coach.

Neither job is overly complicated but you must be comfortable with cutting into your coach cabinetry if you want to achieve the same result.

The end result came out well and the DW is very satisfied with the clean look and ease of plugging systems up.







  1. AC Inifinity AirPlate T3 – $49
  2. 2 Port HDMI Wall Plate – $10
  3. 3-Port HDMI Switch – $12
  4. 1.5 Ft HDMI Cables (x3) – $9


  • Short Screwdriver
  • Right Angle Screwdriver
  •  Small Putty Knife
  • Spring or Bar Clamps
  • Drill
  • Oscillating MultiTool or Dremel
  • Masking/Painters Tape
  • Wood Glue


  • Remove the wood vent next to the cabinet (use the putty knife to slowly pry the panel off the nails)
  • Remove the exposed finishing nails
  • Measure the Fan Controller and mark the cut lines
  • Cut and ensure tight fit of the fan controller
  • Use wood glue to reinstall the wood bracket holding the controller
  • Remove the AV cabinet top
  • Locate the OEM fan, unplug and remove from cabinet (may require right-angle screwdriver)
  • Mark the cut lines for the fan
  • Cut the fan opening and test fit
  • Connect and wire up the controller per instruction.
  • Utilize the open outlet made available from removing the OEM fan.
  • Place the temp sensor inside the AV cabinet, near the HDMI switches
  • Mark the cut location
  • Carefully cut thru being cautious to not go too deep and accidentally cut the inside of your wardrobe
  • Interconnect your 1.5ft HDMI cables between the wall plate the 3-port HDMI switch
  • Remove the HDMI-in cable (From: Tiffin DVD Player – to – Tiffin HDMI Switch) and plug it into the last port of the 3-Port HDMI switch
  • Plug the 3-port HDMI switch into the same port you removed the cable from the previous step and tuck to the side
  • Screw the wall plate against the wall
  • Replace the lid on the AV Cabinet
  • Select HDMI2 (or the input you normally used for DVD) on the TV you want to use
  • Whichever console/device you power on last, the HDMI-switch will automatically make that the active input


  • Due to the location of the gaming consoles, wireless controllers are best suited for this install
  • If you have more than 2 additional consoles/devices to plug in – use wall plates and hdmi switches with more ports


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