During our maiden drive, there were a few scenarios where we got a strong wiff of the bathroom after someone used it.  It was more acute when the driver-side window was opened (while driving) for some wacky reason. So I started to look for options since it felt the bathroom odor wasn’t exhausting efficiently out the roof vents.

The reviews for the Lippert 360 Siphon were pretty high and looked like a somewhat easy mod to do (almost plug-n-play). The theory being that the venturi effect would be more pronounced either stationary (with a slight breeze) or during movement to exhaust air up and out the RV.



  1. Lippert Components 360 Siphon – $25 (ea) x2


  • Screwdriver
  • Oscillating multi-tool or coping saw
  • Dicor Sealant (be sure to use the right type for your roof)
  • Locate the two existing vents (rearward near AC)
  • Begin by using the putty knife to remove the existing sealant.
  • Be sure to cleanly expose and remove all the fasteners/screws
  • There will be more goops of sealant inside the vent hole that will need to be cleaned up
  • Using an oscilating multi-tool or coping saw, cut down the vent hole to ensure proper fit for the 360 vent.
  • Fasten the 360 vent, ensuring its flat, and then liberally apply Dicor sealant
  • Let dry


It’s a likely 50/50 proposition if this improved the exhausting of bathroom odor over the factory vents. They are smaller and more stylish – that’s about the positive.

In our case – this mod does not eliminate the need to use odor-fighting chemicals for your holding tanks. YMMV.


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