There’s nothing like sitting outside your coach, warmed by a fire, while you watch your favorite show on TV. Now that’s camping!  But two issues have come up with our external/patio TV:

  • The glare during the day is bad due to the fixed nature of the TV mount
  • The sound is weak against the open air with just the TV speakers

Now some of the higher class coaches have articulating mounts and soundbars on their external TVs, but I’ve never let that stop me from modding our coach to get the same feature :)

In our Tiffin 31SA, there is just not much room in the TV cabinet so it took a bit of research to find the right mount and soundbar combination but we are really pleased with the end result as seen below



  1. Crimson AV AU65 Articulating Mount – $139 (Only thin mount that allows you to close the cabinet)
  2. Bose Solo 5 Soundbar with mount kit – $275
  3. Upwade Portable Outlet with USB – $15 (to plug in the soundbar
  4. Black Foam Board or Vinyl Board (from any craftshop)



  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Utility Knife
  • Double-side Tape (Gorrilla Tape works well)


  • The TV is held to a singular metal mount fastened by screws on all sides
  • Remove the screws and disconnect all cables
  • Remove the TV from the metal mount
  • Measure carefully and fasten the mount (per directions) to the left bracing frame (the TV is offset to the right of the mount screw points)
  • Center from left to right, but ensure the mount will leave 6 inches of room at the top of the cabinet once the TV is mounted
  • Route your cables via the cable channels
  • Test fit your TV movement and cabinet closure. It will be millimeters close, but the cabinet should close snug against the TV.
  • Use the power extension on one of the outlets that resides behind the mount hole, underneath your oven (if you have one) or kitchen drawers.
  • Once the TV is mounted, measure for two pieces of backerboard to fit on each side of the new mount. This will help close the open hole left from the factory mount plate.
  • Measure for center, directly underneath your newly mounted TV for the soundbar mount
  • Be sure to leave enough room for the soundbar to be lifted and “dropped” onto the mounting plate
  • Lastly, use the felt tape (came with soundbar) and cut a piece to stick to the backside of the cabinet latch (see picture)
  • Test the cabinet closure again. If you measured right, the cabinet latch should close just under the lowest point of the soundbar.
  • Program your remote per the Bose instructions for your TV and Cable Box
  • Program the Bose soundbar for “Auto-Wake” per the instructions. This allows the soundbar to power on automatically when you turn the TV on.
  • In your LG TV settings, set the audio output to External/Optical
  • If you’re a DirecTV customer, you can program your remote to control the soundbar volume


While not a cheap mod, it is easy to do. The installation look looks “factory” (hint hint TIFFIN). The soundbar helps greatly with the ability to hear the TV clearly during the day and tilting or articulating the screen cuts down the glare significantly. The fit is tight, so you have to be careful closing the cabinet but overall, it definitely improves the TV viewing experience out on your patio.


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