Hey you Tiffin Owner..

Yea YOU.

Would you like to:

  • Control your motorhome from your smartphone?
  • Shut off the lights without getting up from bed?
  • Have your motorhome email you when your tank levels get to a set point?
  • Start your generator from your toilet? (Don’t know why you’d want to but hey we don’t judge!)


In all seriousness, David and Mike at CoachProxy have made every geek’s dream come true if you happen to own a Tiffin motorhome. They’ve developed a plug-n-play addon to the Spyder control network in your 2015+ Tiffin.

Spyder Control Systems comes in all 2015+ Tiffin motorhomes and is a control network that ties in all your switches and major coach systems together via multiplez wiring for unified management and control.  Since the wiring is multiplex, you can connect at any point of the Spyder network in order to manipulate the connected systems.





  1. CoachProxy – $399.95
  2. Velcro Tape or a Small Wood Screw (to secure the Coachproxy box)
  3. Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone (for initial configuration and follow-on use).


  • Screwdriver


  • Determine a location in your coach to plug into the Spyder network
    • For Allegro Open Road – The best location I’d recommend is right in the Spyder Control Hub in the Master Bedroom
    • Remove the drawer above the breaker/spyder control box
  • Look inside the open drawer space and locate the spyder control hub (to the right as you look down)
  • There should be an open slot to plug the coachproxy in to. Any one will do.
  • Use velcro tape or install a small wood screw to secure the Coachproxy box next to the hub
  • Follow the steps on the Coachproxy.com Quickstart guide to connect and configure your Coachproxy
  • Have fun managing your coach from your smartphone!





There is really no better way to manage, automate and remotely configure your Tiffin coach than with Coachproxy.  The plug-n-play capability makes it really simple mod (10minutes if you’re trying hard) which provides direct access to the spyder control network.

There are a few caveats tho – You can only control the systems that are part of the Spyder network. So for some Tiffin Allegro classes, The generator and blinds are not on the network to control, while the larger diesel pushers  may have more systems you can manipulate.

Additionally, even for some systems on the Spyder network, the CoachProxy team have purposefully left them out of the app due to safety or liability reasons (Slide control, front blinds, etc.)

All in all, a great mod. Now I just need some Google Home integration to complete my RV automation.


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