Something we noticed the Tiffin was short of when we looked at other coaches was the lack of a table in between the two captain chairs up front.  We found these to be really functional and allows for additional seating for eating and guests to ultilize for placing drinks/snacks at. We chose ours to add an additional workspace as well for a laptop when stationary.

Since we love simple and quick RV mods – we thought we’d tackle this ourselves. From start to finish, this may have taken 15 minutes max (assuming you have the right tools).





  1. Table Base Protuding Mount – $7 (You can order two of these vs the flush mount if desired)
  2. Table Base Flush Mount – $9
  3. Table Leg 25.5″ – $25
  4. Table Top – $50
  5. #6 Self-Tapping Screws x 6
  6. #12 Self-Tapping Screws x 6


  • Drill / Impact Screwdriver
  • Dremel or Rotary Tool (optional for flush mount)
  • Metal & Plastic cutting attachments for Dremel
  • Safety Glasses and Mask


  • Measure the hole needed to cut by marking out the flush mount against the bottom of the table
  • Using a router attachment, route out a hole against the plastic (the plastic will produce a lot of small shavings you don’t want in your eye or to accidently breathe in)
  • Test fit the flush mount (the hole will be shallow) and mark out the about needed to trim from the mount
  • Using a metal cutting attachment, trim the flush mount to the required height
  • Test fit
  • Mount the flush mount onto the bottom of the tabletop with #6 self-tapping screws
  • Drilling through the carpet – Mount the Protruding Table Base in between the captain chairs using #12 self-tapping screws
  • Be mindful to mount it centered in between the two chairs and not centered against the center console of the dash. The center console is actually right-of-center to accommodate the driver foot well.


You can choose a different style table top, so your mileage may vary on the installation but we like the oval nature of ours (utilized mostly for boating). It provides enough room to put two plates for eating or a laptop and mouse for work. The setup stows away under the master bed when not in use which another plus.

I’d prefer for the color to match the dinette table top but for how easy this mod is – we’re fine with the white color. Easy and functional – so this get’s a 10/10 on the DIY scale.


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