While most of the upscale Tiffin diesels rigs already come with a soundbar for the indoor and outdoor TVs,some of the Allegro models forego this option as with our 31SA. Watching TV, particularly in the bedroom and more acutely when the AC is running, tends to drown out the small speakers embedded in the television.  Thus was our reason to upgrade to an external soundbar.

Like everything else in an RV, space is always at a premium, so finding a quality soundbar that fit in the form factor above the TV mount was a little challenging but the Bose Solo 5 fit the bill to a tee. The reasons were simple:

  • Dimensions are 2.6H x 21.6W x 3.4D, which is about as perfect a fit for above the TV mount
  • It has optical in (the only exterior sound option on the LG TVs is optical-out)
  • It comes with a universal remote that consolidates TV + Cable in addition to controlling the Bose speaker
  • The sound more than easily fills the room
  • The optional wall mount makes it trivial to install




  1. Bose Solo 5 w/ Wall Mount – $275
  2. Amazon 6ft Toslink Cable – $9


  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • (Optional) Cable Tie Straps


  • Mark the location for the wall plate and drill two pilot holes (be cautious of the air vents in the wood)
  • Mount the wall plate ensuring you leave enough room to “drop” the speaker onto the mount from the top and to also not interfere with raising TV cabinet
  • Plug the TosLink/Optical cable into the slot under the TV (your’s may differ if you have a different LG model)
  • Route the cable towards the left and up to the soundbar
  • Run the power cable down through the same left-side pathways and follow the rest of the TV cables towards the inside of the cabinet
  • Make sure that the cabinet opens freely (it may tilt the soundbar upwards slightly but doesn’t obstruct)
  • Route your power cable to an extra power outlet inside your TV cabinet
  • Program your remote with the codes from the instructions for your TV and Cable box
  • (Optional) – link your smartphone via bluetooth to the soundbar
  • Admire your work :)


  • Easy mod. Takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. 20 if your being careful.
  • Sound is great with good bass.
  • Looks like a factory install


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