During our first few trips with the RV, it became a bit of a bother, as a driver, not having the ability to look behind you and see what your passengers are doing or up to if you needed to get someone’s attention.  When my co-pilot is tending to our young boys – it is hard to tell whether a loud voice or loud yell will get someone’s attention (especially if someone is way back in the bedroom).

My solution was to take advantage of the Video input of the existing backup/side camera system in the coach and add a small video monitor that can be switched at a moments notice to act like a Rear View “Mirror”.  All in this mod cost less than $30 and took about 10min max if you set up the camera in the location I did.




  1. 1080P Mini Bullet Survellaince Camera – $20
  2. 12V 500ma Power Supply – $7
  3. 3 or 6ft RCA Video Cable (Yellow)


  • Velcro or double-sided tape (to fasten the camera)


  • Pop open the removable lid atop your Dash (for those of you with older vehicles without a quick-access panel, you can access the back of you rear-view camera from under the dash or by removing the radio)
  • Locate your AV-IN Video connector by tracing the wires out of your Rearview display.
  • Plug the camera Video connector (yellow) to the Display AV-IN connector
  • Plug the 12VDC power adapter (red) to the power connector on the camera (red)
  • Plug into any available power outlet
  • Velcro or sticky tape camera in desired location


This is just for pure convenience but is a cheap and easy mod that takes advantage of your OEM equipment.  To use view the camera, simply press the AV button on the backup/sideview camera display.  That’s it.

The picture quality is about on par with the backup and side view cameras. So daylight/bright scenes are good but dark/nightime is barely usable.  If you wanted to get fancy, you could likely flush mount the camera right against your dash and hardwire the power supply, but that was more work than I wanted to do.  Tiffin on the other hand could install this as OEM as it would be minimal cost to incorporate during build.


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