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DC Trip for Norma’s Birthday

We headed south for the weekend to celebrate Norma's birthday and do some sightseeing down at our nation's capital. Being that it is only 4.5 hours away, it was just at a good distance away for a half day's drive. We tried to cram in as many sites as possible that...

Visiting good ‘ol Miss Liberty

We had a lazy Sunday morning and decided on a spur to head out and catch our first real sightseeing trip to go see the Statue of Liberty. We took the lightrail down instead of driving all the way to the park but didn't realize the train station drops you off 2miles...

Disney Cruise – Days 7-8 (Sea Days and Coming Home)

The last two days were calm and relaxing sea days back home to NYC. We had lots of relaxing time winding down from our port of calls walking around the ship, playing bingo, going to the pool and most importantly - getting Mateo's sign-book autographed with all the...

Disney Cruise – Days 2 & 3 (Sea Days)

The first sea day began getting familiar with the ship layout and finding our way to the breakfast buffet as the ship made its way down to the Caribbean. Weather was great with not much movement of the boat, but Mommy felt a little queasy later on in the day. Mateo...

Disney Cruise – Day 1 (Onboarding)

So we weren't even 3 days removed from just moving our entire home from Ohio to New Jersey when we turned right around and headed out on our first cruise ever for the first cruiseliner ever to leave from NYC with Disney Cruise lines. To make a long story short if you...

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