Visiting good ‘ol Miss Liberty

Visiting good ‘ol Miss Liberty

We had a lazy Sunday morning and decided on a spur to head out and catch our first real sightseeing trip to go see the Statue of Liberty. We took the lightrail down instead of driving all the way to the park but didn’t realize the train station drops you off 2miles away from the boat launch. But we got it sorted and had fun taking the quick boat-ride to Liberty Island to do some sight-seeing.

On the Move Again.. to NYC

Updates have been infrequent but life’s been pretty busy the past two months. We’re back on the road again here, within a month, and heading back home to the East Coast for another household move.  Our time in Ohio has come to an end and even though the Midwest wasn’t our cup of tea – we did very much enjoy our home and the area’s many nearby amenities.  Things we’ll miss are the short work commutes, little to no traffic, low cost of living, and safe neighborhoods. So the question then is why are we moving? For work of course (my company’s HQ is in NYC) but truly to be closer to at least one side of our family so that Mateo can get a chance to spend more time with the Granparents, Uncles/Aunties and all his cousins.

When Norma and I were by ourselves, traveling the states – living away from family had not been that painful. We were always a short flight away and tried to spend all the major holidays with loved ones.  But as the years have come along and Mateo is now old enough to really interact – the value of family outweighed all other considerations.  There’s been no regrets and we’ve made some great memories living in the West Coast, the Northwest, and the Midwest – but now we’ll try the NorthEast for a few years and see how that treats us.

Even though we are excited for the next stage, we still miss our California family greatly and realize that we have to make a stronger effort to visit and stay in touch more often. Its tough with families on both coasts but we knew this when we got married. Funny thing, even though we’re moving further east, we’ll actually be closer as the flights are more direct from NY -> LA (don’t get me started on the Columbus airport).  So we’ll be coming out soon this summer and will definitely make more frequent visits. Plus, all sides of the family have to get on the Skype bandwagon – don’t be upset when I come bearing webcams for your computers next time we visit :)

Norma will be snail-mailing our new address to all loved ones. If your addy has changed – please send us an email soon (Norma or Joe) to keep those XMas cards ‘comin!


Becoming a regular event – we celebrated the July 4th Holiday back at Grandma’s house to blow off some fireworks and share in our usual family fun. The babies had a blast running around and playing together.  They seem to have limitless energy and probably forced Grandma to a liberal use of BenGay due to chasing them around everywhere they went.

We spent the bulk of the weekend eating good Spanish food, playing dominoes, and going to the local theme park. The young ones went gaga at the waterpark and did not want to leave the wading pool section until their lips turned blue :) Then in the evening – Uncle Chris entertained the kids to the official Lackawaxen, PA Public District #4 Fireworks Extravaganza (in other words he bought fireworks from the corner store!) A spectacle it was nonetheless and everyone definitely enjoyed the show.  Another weekend in the books of good memories and good times. I leave you with video of the two cousins on their driving “date”:


Lots more pictures here in the gallery.

Thanksgiving 2010

Another year and another chance to drive over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for some yummy Turkey dinner with a sprinkle of Dominican food. I know what everyone thinks “My mom makes the best tasting food” – Hold onto that thought and don’t ever visit our Grandma’s house because along with eating the best food eva, you’ll need to talk to your therapist afterwards for the undoubted dissapointment that will occur once you compare :)

Along with full tummies, we threw around some football while the little ones chased the chickens around the yard and generally just poked around, getting into trouble wherever they could. Never mind the cold, but we drove off to feed some deer at the park and then danced the night away making the most embarrassing moves ever to be witnessed while playing on the Wii.

The time went by fast and then Norma, Mateo and I headed back on the road for our 9 hour drive back to Columbus with a cooler full of platanos y salsichon to enjoy back home.

Tons of more pictures are posted as usual in the gallery here.

Thanksgiving ’09

Off we went to NY and PA for our annual trip home for Thanksgiving to celebrate the holidays with family and eat some of Grandma’s good food. It was good to see our nieces and nephews once again and Mateo had a chance to play with them all laughing up a storm. It was definitely great to have all the family sitting together again at the T-Giving table (we missed you Charles Jr.!)

Grandma cooked up tons of food, pies, deserts and side dishes – all of it was delicious. I think she started this year making homemade pies 5 days early – that may be a record.  We had traditional Dominican food most every morning, which alone was well worth the trip :) But after a whole week back home – there were a few more notches to use on our belts.

And to top off the fun weekend – we got to celebrate the Baptism of Olivia and Lily on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The girls looked very pretty in their white dresses and through it all – behaved well having the priest bless and baptize them during the ceremony.

We took lots and lots of pictures throughout the whole weekend. All are posted here in the NY section of our gallery.

Robert Graduates!! Now get a Job :)

Off we went on another car trip to see Robert hit the great milestone of High School graduation! It was also the first time Mateo got to see most his cousins, uncles and grandpa so it was an eventful weekend no doubt. The graduation was a small but long affair at almost 4 hours. It was good to see all those kids graduate with most getting Regents diplomas as well.


Just remember Robert, graduation isn’t the end, just the begining. Now all that is left is to go out and get a J.O.B.!! Remember the quote from Newton Baker:

The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.

The rest of the weekend was spent up at Grandma’s to eat some good Dominican food and spend time with all of Mateo’s cousins and uncles/aunts. We played baseball, football, kids got on the swings, chased the chickens, Cooper the dog swam in the pond, fed the fish, and all around just good ‘ol fun.



Pictures of Robert’s Graduation here.. pics from the rest of the trip here.