Mateo’s 4th Birthday Party – To the Batcave!

Mateo’s 4th Birthday Party – To the Batcave!

Mateo had a great time celebrating his Batman/Super-hero themed party. Mom outdid herself finding all manner of Batman-related decorations. Family came on down for have fun in the backyard playing sports, jumping in the bouncy house, hitting the Pinata, and eating BBQ.

The two Justin’s even got in on the super-hero gig and dressed up like the dynamic duo which Mateo had a blast running around with. All in all it was great fun and we were blessed to have so many come down and enjoy the festivities with our son. I can’t wait to see what the theme will be next year.

Happy 3rd Birthday Mateo!!

We celebrated another extraordinary year with our son and he had a blast at his birthday party over at the MyGym kids play area in Powell. Most of Mateo’s friends from early preschool and pre-school came to celebrate. I don’t know how the MyGym chaperones managed to keep fourteen 3 year olds busy and occupied for 2 hours but somehow they managed :)

The kids played games, jumped on the trampoline, climbed pretty much everywhere, rode the zipline, went bubble-chasing, jumped into the ballpit and a had a puppet show too boot. I think the toddlers had a good time running around and an even better time having their parents chase them from play area to play area. After all that jumping around – we ended the day with all the kids sitting down for some Spider-Man birthday cake which was super-yummy.

Thank you so much to all the parents who came in on their busy Saturday (especially during the Ohio State game!) and an even bigger thank you for all of Mateo’s friends that came to join him on his birthday. He very much appreciated all the nice gifts and has yet to put them down.  We placed all of the pics from the event here in our family photo gallery.

Never far from our hearts is how special this day is as well for his twin brother Cristian – we miss you tremendously every day and wish you the happiest of 3rd birthdays as you watch over your brother from up above.  – Love Mommy, Daddy & Mateo

Baptism Celebration

Dressed in his Sunday’s best, Mateo was ready to celebrate his Baptism in style.  He was a little older than the other little ones getting baptized, but we were able to get it done at least before he got his driver’s license and went off to college :)  Tio Rene and Titi Rose came into town to celebrate as Mateo’s Godparents and help to welcome him into the church. Always the ham, he enjoyed Deacon Jim pouring holy water on him so much that he asked for “more wahger” afterwards since he had such a good time it seems. It was a pretty hot day nonetheless but a very happy one for which we ended by going out to eat to finish the celebration.

More pics here in the the gallery under the Baby section.

Drummer for hire in Ohio

We took Mateo to a music store to see if he was musically inclined and what he was most drawn to and it looks like we have a little Tommy Lee (minus the tats) in the making. Mateo loves to rock out on his new drum set (and dad loves it too). Check out the video.


Halloween 2010

So Mateo’s first Halloween , he was Yoda. Last year was a cute little Lion outfit. Well, this year is DJ Lance Rock from YoGabbaGabba. Glasses and all :) We first did a Halloween costume parade at his daycare and Mateo got to walk around showcasing his outfit and having a blast with the other kids dressed up as Woody, Spider-man and little Cinderella’s as far as the eye could see.

On Halloween, we went trick or treating around the neighborhood blocks and picked up some good candy to eat. Even though it was a little cold, Mateo was undaunted once he got the hang that ringing doorbells = more treats, lol.  We can’t wait till next year so we can pick more cute (mind you, embarrassing when he gets older) outfits!

More photos in the gallery here.