Mateo’s 4th Birthday Party – To the Batcave!

Mateo’s 4th Birthday Party – To the Batcave!

Mateo had a great time celebrating his Batman/Super-hero themed party. Mom outdid herself finding all manner of Batman-related decorations. Family came on down for have fun in the backyard playing sports, jumping in the bouncy house, hitting the Pinata, and eating BBQ.

The two Justin’s even got in on the super-hero gig and dressed up like the dynamic duo which Mateo had a blast running around with. All in all it was great fun and we were blessed to have so many come down and enjoy the festivities with our son. I can’t wait to see what the theme will be next year.

Visiting good ‘ol Miss Liberty

Visiting good ‘ol Miss Liberty

We had a lazy Sunday morning and decided on a spur to head out and catch our first real sightseeing trip to go see the Statue of Liberty. We took the lightrail down instead of driving all the way to the park but didn’t realize the train station drops you off 2miles away from the boat launch. But we got it sorted and had fun taking the quick boat-ride to Liberty Island to do some sight-seeing.

On the Move Again.. to NYC

Updates have been infrequent but life’s been pretty busy the past two months. We’re back on the road again here, within a month, and heading back home to the East Coast for another household move.  Our time in Ohio has come to an end and even though the Midwest wasn’t our cup of tea – we did very much enjoy our home and the area’s many nearby amenities.  Things we’ll miss are the short work commutes, little to no traffic, low cost of living, and safe neighborhoods. So the question then is why are we moving? For work of course (my company’s HQ is in NYC) but truly to be closer to at least one side of our family so that Mateo can get a chance to spend more time with the Granparents, Uncles/Aunties and all his cousins.

When Norma and I were by ourselves, traveling the states – living away from family had not been that painful. We were always a short flight away and tried to spend all the major holidays with loved ones.  But as the years have come along and Mateo is now old enough to really interact – the value of family outweighed all other considerations.  There’s been no regrets and we’ve made some great memories living in the West Coast, the Northwest, and the Midwest – but now we’ll try the NorthEast for a few years and see how that treats us.

Even though we are excited for the next stage, we still miss our California family greatly and realize that we have to make a stronger effort to visit and stay in touch more often. Its tough with families on both coasts but we knew this when we got married. Funny thing, even though we’re moving further east, we’ll actually be closer as the flights are more direct from NY -> LA (don’t get me started on the Columbus airport).  So we’ll be coming out soon this summer and will definitely make more frequent visits. Plus, all sides of the family have to get on the Skype bandwagon – don’t be upset when I come bearing webcams for your computers next time we visit :)

Norma will be snail-mailing our new address to all loved ones. If your addy has changed – please send us an email soon (Norma or Joe) to keep those XMas cards ‘comin!

Ian’s Birthday at the Zoo

Today we celebrated Mateo’s friend Ian’s 3rd birthday at the Columbus Zoo.  The kids had a great time playing games, eating pizza, cake and ice cream… yummm.  They also had an opportunity to meet some of the Zoo’s smaller guests, like an armadillo and a hedge hog!  The kids loved to see the amnimals up close and touch them.. its a good thing they didnt bring in a tarantula or a tiger!

After the party, Mateo, daddy and mommy decided to enjoy the zoo.  it was a beautifully clear and sunny day, but it was a little chilly.  We took a train ride and visited some of the big animals at the Zoo while Daddy practiced on his photography.

We all had a great time at Ian’s birthday party and the Columbus Zoo!  This may be the last time we visit with our upcoming move East…

Rest of pictures here in the gallery.

Detroit International Auto Show

Since we’re only 3hrs from Detroit, we thought it would be great to take a weekend trip and experience North America’s premiere automotive show. We decided to splurge and stay at the new MGM Grand Detroit. That’s right, the first true Las Vegas-styled casino outside of Nevada. Needless to say – this was nothing like the Vegas version. We were pretty disappointed we couldn’t even walk down to the restaurants inside the Casino just to eat as a family since we had Mateo with us and ended having to order mediocre room-service instead.

But we were there for the cars. We stopped to eat near the convention center at one of the many Coney Island Dogs eateries. Food was surprisingly good and  close to authentic NY fare. We got inside from the cold and after seeing auto shows in L.A., N.Y., Seattle and San Diego – Detroit made those others look like a backyard car show due to sheer size alone. Mommy accidently scratched Mateo with the car seatbelt and we had to go inside first to the first aid station. They band-aided him up and we went on to the show floor.

We focused on seeing the new fare from BMW and I worked every angle to try and get Mommy impressed with the new M5. No matter the specs, interior, twin-turbo, handling or anything else I just could not get Mom passed the price lol. So it looks like I have a long way to go before I can convince her otherwise :). The new 3 was amazing as well as were a ton of other makes and models. Definitely worth the trip. So as a quick weekend recap: hotel=bad, food=good, cars= great, Detriot = uggh. :)