Family Sedans Rock!

Pacific RacewaysSo I picked up a new hobby last year. Mommy thought it would be something cute like badminton, golf, mountain biking, competitive chess, or stamp collecting – no no, it had to be drag racing. Well not exactly like professional drag racing, just taking the family sedan out to the local drag strip every once in a while to humilate all those middle-aged men in supposed sports cars to kick some butt and do it with an empty baby seat in the back.

Just doing it once, I can see how the need for speed is definitely addicting. I did feel bad a guy with a brand new Dodge SRT8 Challenger loss to the family car. Same with the new Pontiac GTO, various Mustangs and other sports cars. To be fair, I wasn’t really driving a mini-van but to say they didn’t see it coming would be an understatement. Corvette speed on the way to the supermarket never gets old :) Video of my weekend fun: