About Us

We’re the Martineze’s. Joe, Norma, Mateo and Samuel. We’re a normal suburban family that loves to travel and enjoy life. Since our families are on both sides of the coasts, we started this blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends but more importantly tell our story in a better way than some selfies and quick shares on social media as everyone else does.

So the blog will focus on the highlights of our travels, technology interests and our hobbies. One big hobby is our start on the RV lifestyle as our family enjoys small and large excursions throughout the year traversing the U.S. & Canada. You’ll see our work maintaining the vehicle and documenting our lessons learned as a way to pay it forward for the folks who helped us along the way.

We will still post our day-to-day activities on social media for folks to keep up to date but the blog will be more DIY and long-form posts that help tell a story on our platform, our way.

We’re excited about our journey – come along and join us and leave us some feedback :)